Tesla vehicles, accused of allowing the use of their video games while in motion

Tesla vehicles, accused of allowing the use of their video games while in motion

The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) investigates the dangers of playing video games in Tesla vehicles.

The company Tesla (led by the famous Elon Musk) is one of the automakers most famous in the world. And, in addition, it has a groundbreaking function in relation to video games.

We already told you about it in its day. Do you know that it is possible to play video games in Tesla cars? These vehicles incorporate powerful hardware, web browsing and other application functions.

Indeed, it is possible to play Cyberpunk 2077, Cuphead or The Witcher 3 in a Tesla vehicle. And, although in theory only is allowed for passengers, it is known that it is also compatible for the driver of the vehicle.

It was a matter of time before the melon opened. As reported GameRant, Since the month of August, many complaints have been received in relation to Tesla vehicles, and already an investigation has been launched at NHTSA (US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).

The reason is more than obvious: it is known that many drivers play video games while driving their Tesla vehicles. This is prohibited by US Traffic Law, but the feature is still available.

This has put the ODI (Office of Defects and Investigations) on alert, which is investigating a whopping 580,000 Tesla vehicles. Specifically, the Model 3, the Model S and the Model X (2017-2022).

Tesla Model S 2021 gaming

What is the objective of this research? Determine whether the function of playing video games or browsing the web is potentially dangerous for driving, although in principle it should only be applicable to the passengers of the vehicle.

There really is no feature that prevents a Tesla driver from playing The Witcher 3 (for example) while driving. This is one more stone in Elon Musk’s path, whose company has been at odds with the United States Government for a few months.

To the list of games available to date (with examples like Cuphead or Cyberpunk 2077), they have recently joined Sky Force Reloaded, Solitaire, and The Battle of Polytopia… and many more will come.

For example, relatively recently Tesla and Sega partnered to bring Sonic the Hedgehog to these vehicles. Other titles available are Fallout Shelter and Stardew Valley, to name more examples.

Tesla’s idea is to continue adding video games and applications to its vehicle navigation system, Unless regulations or restrictions apply for these functions. What do you think? Do you think it should be eliminated due to its potential danger?

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