Dragon Ball Z - Goku Super Saiyan's new resin with mutilated Frieza on Namek

Dragon Ball Z – Goku Super Saiyan’s new resin with mutilated Frieza on Namek

What a madness we are going to present to you today! As we know that you like quality Dragon Ball figures, today we present you an authentic beast.

For a long time we have been presenting you in Hobby Consoles a large selection of Dragon Ball figures, both affordable pieces for the pocket and works for the wealthiest. Among the latter, the precious resins stand out, and we are going to talk about that today.

Also, if the era of the Namek saga is one of your favorites and your favorite transformation of the series is the Super Saiyan … then you are going to hallucinate with what you are going to find below!

But first, we remind you that last weekend more news was announced regarding Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the new movie about Goku and his friends. Also, Gohan will be the main protagonist again!

Just below these lines you can enjoy the new Directo Z that we launched last Sunday focused on this new feature film, and we have to thank you because … it has already exceeded 13,000 views! But let’s get back to bread …

Wanting to see the resin of Goku Super Saiyan on the planet Namek? You just have to enjoy the gallery that we have prepared just below to enjoy this true madness sculpted by Infinite Studio and that will be released next year.

To highlight the detail of Freeza mutilated on the ground, after being cut in two by his own kienzan, and also the effect of Goku’s hair blowing in the Namekian wind, with the planet about to explode. By the way, this resin will measure about 60 centimeters high and can be purchased at a price of € 580. Do you want to reserve it?

Well, they already have it available in the Majin Store, so hurry up to reserve yours before you run out of stock. What did you think of the finish of this bestiality?

We say goodbye until tomorrow, the day we will return with a new Z installment in Hobby Consolas. Kai, Kai!





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