Halo Infinite sells cosmetics to turn your Spartan into a cat and fans love it

Halo Infinite sells cosmetics to turn your Spartan into a cat and fans love it

Halo Infinite is selling a bundle that turns your Spartan into a “furro” with cat ears, and fans are reacting positively.

The multiplayer Halo Infinite is free, which means that the business is in the sale of season passes and cosmetics.

There are already tons of character customization items on sale (and they don’t come cheap at all), but fans are reacting particularly well to one in particular: cat ears.

These cat ears are part of the novelties of the Winter Contingency Christmas event, in a bundle called Cat Lovers, which includes the accessory Purrfect Audio: a pair of cat ears that fit perfectly on your helmet and adopt the same color.

The bundle costs 1,000 credits, the equivalent of 9.99 euros. But many players are willingly paying for it and the networks have been filled with images and memes that speak for themselves:

However, not all players are so excited about “Spartan furros”, especially because of the large presence of micropayments and cosmetics in Halo multiplayer.

Halo Infinite will constantly receive new events and cosmetic items, such as samurai armor, and they also said that reduce microtransactionsThey recognized that for some players the change from a paid game to a free one was not inherently positive.

Recently, a skin in a multiplayer game, Battlefield 2042, did raise a lot of controversy for an aspect that mimicked Santa Claus, but did not match the style of the game. Halo Infinite is a more carefree world than Battlefield, and the cat ears are more discreet …





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