Add Iron Patriot to your Marvel collection, not forgetting Tony Stark's legacy

Add Iron Patriot to your Marvel collection, not forgetting Tony Stark’s legacy

Threezero shows off his cool Iron Patriot scale figure at a fairly reasonable price for fans of Tony Stark-created armor.

Iron Man 3 did not go down in history as one of the marvel movies dearest. The closing trilogy of Hombre de Hierro was a jug of cold water for many fans, especially for its representation of the Mandarin.

Over time, Marvel studios has partly redeemed that feeling, especially with the premiere of Shang-Chi and the legend of the Ten Rings.

You can still rescue elements that we saw in the film directed by Shane black, as the version of War machine (War Machine) with the Iron patriot.

Don cheadle he returned to incarnate the colonel James rhodes, friend of Tony Stark and his connection to the military.

Rhodes became a War Machine in Iron Man 2, and in the third installment, the armor underwent a more patriotic “look” change.

The Iron Patriot would play a pivotal role in the story of Iron Man 3, and the people of Threezero wants to put at your fingertips the opportunity to commemorate it in your collection of Marvel figures.

With a combination of plastic ABS and PVC, Threezero’s Iron Patriot figure incorporates LED lighting to highlight the eyes of the armor and the miniaturized ARK reactor on the chest.

Its built-in accessories include weapons parts and flash effects for hands and feet (for flight or shooting).

Their 48 points of articulation They will allow you to put Iron Patriot in the position that you like the most, and change it whenever you want.

The height of the figure is 17.5 centimeters, which explains its attractive price of € 91.36 (plus shipping and customs costs).

The Iron Patriot figure by Threezero is available to book at Sideshow Collectibles, and it is expected that shipments will proceed between September and November 2022.





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