A new Advent offer arrives at GAME, today WRC 10 from € 24.95 for Xbox and PlayStation

A new Advent offer arrives at GAME, today WRC 10 from € 24.95 for Xbox and PlayStation

The new Advent offer is only available today in GAME stores. Get the WRC 10 game from € 24.95 for Xbox and PlayStation.

The GAME stores They launch a new Advent offering today, as it has been for a while. This time we have available WRC 10 from € 24.95 for Xbox and PlayStation.

In GAME, either through the Web or in physical stores, they launch a new discounted game. Remember that you are Advent offers are for 24 hours only or while stocks last.

And since they know that many users wait every day for the new one of the day to be released, it throws a warning. !Very attentive because this is the last week!

This is a final stretch in which you can get great games at a reduced price. Come on, as has been happening all this time, but with more excitement because the goal is near.

And speaking of the finish line, the final stretch, they leave the new Advent offer as we say. WRC 10 for PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PS4 and Xbox One from only € 24.95, before € 59.95.

Do not miss this jewel of driving and take advantage to get hold of it. Only today will it be available at all GAME stores And through GAME.com!

And this time they have specified since, because each version of the game has a different discount. If you choose to buy WRC 10 for Xbox One and PS4 Yes, it will be at a price of € 24.95.

On the other hand, if we opt for WRC 10 for Xbox Series X | S and PS5, the price would then be € 29.95. As you can see, the change is somewhat minor, but the difference when playing could be somewhat greater.

So now you know, get ready to pilot and get hold of WRC 10 from only € 24.95 in GAME, Only today and thanks to the Advent special offers at GAME.

Discover today’s one, WRC 10 from € 24.95, via this link. Until December 24 there will be a new one, that is until this Friday, which would be the last.

Do youWhat will be tomorrow? A discounted daily product available in GAME stores and on the GAME website.

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