Unlock the hangar doors to recover cars in GTA Online

Unlock the hangar doors to recover cars in GTA Online

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We give you all the steps so that you can open the hangar doors in this security contract mission of the new expansion for GTA Online.

The new expansion for GTA Online, based on the main story of the game, and where we can enjoy the presence of some of the characters that dazzled us so much in the story.

There are many new features in this expansion, and one of them is the different security contracts that we must fulfill, and one of them deals with the recovery of a series of vehicles and where we arrive at a hangar.

Much of the user community does not know what to do exactly in this hangar to be able to unlock its doors and thus be able to leave with the vehicle, and we will give you all the steps below.

Unlock the hangar doors to recover cars in GTA Online

In one of the security contracts, we are sent to recover a stolen vehicle from inside a hangar, and for this we must first open the hangar doors, something that is not very clear to do.

So to unlock the hangar doors, you must press a green button that is located on one of the pillars next to the wall. To find this button, you must stand on the nose of the plane looking towards the bottom of the hangar, and where you should locate some moving stairs that are located on the right side.

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When you approach the stairs, you should see the green button next to a column on the wall.

So once you interact with the button you can unlock the hangar doors, and you must drive the vehicle to the marker that appears.

So you will have to deliver it to the Agency and once you do, you will receive money and different rewards.

On the other hand, from now on we will be able to unlock the different VIP contracts.

If this is the first mission that you pass the contract, you will receive a call from Franklin and you will have to go to the Los Santos golf club to do a mission called “in progress”.

As soon as you solve it, you will have the VIP contracts unlocked.

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