Best ways to find amethyst in Minecraft 1.18

Best ways to find amethyst in Minecraft 1.18

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We offer you the three current ways that exist to get enough amethyst geodes after the 1.18 update of Minecraft.

With the arrival of the part 2 of the Caves and Cliffs update for MinecraftNot only do we have new biomes, but we also have a totally different arrangement when it comes to the location of minerals, one of the fundamental elements in our games.

And it is that with the arrival of version 1.18 of Minecraft now the minerals assume a triangular distribution pattern with different generation rates that increase or decrease.

This makes finding minerals such as coal, copper, diamond or emerald different from what we have been getting used to in recent years, and exactly the same thing happens with amethyst.

Best ways to find amethyst in Minecraft 1.18

And it is that the disposition of the minerals after the last update of Minecraft not only affects the amethyst, but also many others, so we recommend you go through our previous guide where we have helped you find all these minerals in the new version , in the different depths.

When it comes to amethyst, we can find it in these three main forms:

Amethyst Minecraft

  • In concrete depths: Amethyst geodes now spawn between Y30 and Y-64. So now you know, when you are at certain depths that correspond to these levels, you will have a greater chance of being able to find amethyst geodes. Remember that there is now a 0% chance that amethyst will spawn above the Y30 height level.
  • Underwater in the ocean biome: If you are going to explore the deep ocean biome you will also find amethyst geodes, basically because the ocean floor is often below the required height level that we mentioned before. You must arm yourself with some type of potion that allows you to breathe underwater or have much more stamina to be able to harvest many more of these amethysts.
  • Exploring deep underground caves: After this new update we have two new cave biomes that we can explore, giving us more opportunity to get minerals such as amethyst. And it is that many of these cave biomes are generated at the depth required for amethysts to appear, and that they protrude from the walls.

So next time you go exploring, you already have the essentials to find tons of amethyst in Minecraft after the latest update.

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