Viral video shows how dangerous virtual reality fights are

Viral video shows how dangerous virtual reality fights are

Someone was playing a virtual reality video game with such excitement that they lost track of space, taking a heavy hit.

Although the virtual reality games that we have available today are still light years away from what had been previously imagined, the truth is that they do represent a qualitative leap compared to other failed experiences that we had before such as Virtual Boy.

The problem, and something that may be preventing VR headsets from reaching mass audiences, is that an important space is required to be able to enjoy this type of experiences, so if you have a small room it will be almost impossible for you to take advantage of it.

Be that as it may, these kinds of experiences of virtual realityGiven enough space, they can be really fun but also very dangerous if at some point we lose track of time and space.

This is what happened to the girlfriend of a TikTok user, who after being immersed in a virtual reality fight, got so deeply into the experience that she forgot she was in a room with four walls.

As you can see in the clip, the girl is participating in a virtual reality fight and, at a certain moment, she starts running, hitting the wall. On the one hand, the virtual reality headset takes a good hit, while the girl falls to the ground.

The video, which has gone viral with almost 5 million likes and more than 45,000 comments, has a multitude of users who worry about the girl’s health, but also want to know if the virtual reality headset is still working after the blow.

Be that as it may, if for this Christmas you have ordered a virtual reality headset to enjoy some video games in particular, you should be aware that there may be titles in which you can lose track of time and especially of space.

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