Trailer for Hotel Transylvania: Transformation, the next Amazon movie

Trailer for Hotel Transylvania: Transformation, the next Amazon movie

Amazon Prime Video shares a trailer for Hotel Transilvania: Transformanía, which will arrive exclusively on the platform in January next year.

Hotel Transylvania: Transformanía, the new installment of the animated film saga starring monsters, announced this week that it would arrive exclusively at the catalog of Amazon Prime Video next January 14, 2022.

In the middle of the week we were able to see the first images of the film, in which we could meet the “new” characters that would be in this adventure. But Amazon too has shared a Hotel Transylvania: Transformation trailer that we leave you next:

Not counting the odd short film by Hotel transylvania, Transformed will become the 4th Hotel Transylvania movie and it will put an end to this saga that began in 2012 and that finally closes ten years later.

The film is directed by Derek Drymon Y Jennifer kluska, that this year they brought us Monster Pets: A Hotel Transylvania Short Film. The script is signed by Todd Durham Y Genndy Tartakovsky.

Hotel Transylvania: Transformanía will put the vampire Drac and the entire gang to the test once more. A mysterious artifact from Van Helsing called Monstrous Beam will spiral completely out of control, unleashing chaos.

Because of the Monstrifying Ray, all the monstrous inhabitants of Hotel Transylvania will be transformed into humans, while the young man Johnny, the only human among them, will turn into a dragon-shaped monster. Thanks to this premise, the characters the ones we’ve been watching for so many movies They will have a new look and will have to face unique situations.

With your new human body, Drac He will have lost his signature powers, but Johnny will be delighted with his new form. With the help of Mavis, Drac and Johnny will have to join forces to find a solution to this disaster, scouring the world to search for a cure before it is too late and they cannot return to their original ways.





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