"It would have sucked," one of the Queen members relieved Sacha Baron Cohen didn't star in Bohemian Rapsody

“It would have sucked,” one of the Queen members relieved Sacha Baron Cohen didn’t star in Bohemian Rapsody

Roger Taylor, drummer of the group Queen, believes that the film would not have succeeded if it had stayed with its first protagonist.

Although now it would be impossible to imagine the Bohemian Rapsody movie without the presence of Rami Malek, there was a time when the movie was not going to be carried out by the boy from Mr. Robot, but by Sacha Baron Cohen, who was also in charge of writing the script for it.

However, the continuous demands to make changes to the script of the band Queen, made Baron Cohen finally give up on making the film, as did several directors who over the years were abandoning the project. A decision that made Roger Taylor, drummer of the band, happy at the time, who believes that Baron Cohen would not have done the job like Freddie Mercury.

I think it would have been a real shit with Sacha. It is quite aggressive to say the least. He is also 15 centimeters taller than he should have. I have seen his last five films and I have come to the conclusion that he is not a very good actor. Maybe I’m wrong. I think he’s a brilliant and subversive comedian, that’s where he’s great, “explained Taylor.

“Anyway, Rami did a brilliant job in an almost impossible role”, admitted the drummer of Queen to the newspaper Meter, ignoring the fact that the movie Baron Cohen wanted to make about Queen was really awkward for the band which, at the time, was accused of having done Bohemian rapsody too far from reality.

In fact, director Stephen Frears, one of the many who left the project, claimed that the comic strip is the one that Mercury would have approved. “Sacha wanted to make a very scandalous movie, which I think Freddie Mercury would have approved of. Scandalous in terms of his homosexuality and multiple nude scenes. ”

David Fincher, who also came close to directing Bohemian Rapsody, is another of the many who positioned themselves in favor of Baron Cohen at the time, ensuring that the photos of the comedian dressed as Mercury were “spectacular.”





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