Sora may not have an amiibo figure in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Sora may not have an amiibo figure in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The latest update to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate includes amiibo files for all characters except Kingdom Hearts Sora, who may be out of figure.

Super Samsh Bros. Ultimate reached its final form in October, when the last DLC character arrived, Sora from Kingdom Hearts, an unexpected collaboration between Nintendo, Square-Enix and Disney that surprised even Masahiro Sakurai himself.

However, several indications indicate that Sora will not have his corresponding amiibo figure, which would make him the only fighter of the more than 80 that the game has in not having its corresponding figurine, a constant since they were introduced in 2014, with the Smash of Wii U and 3DS.

Last week, the game received version 13.0.1, announced as the last and final update that will receive the game, which made some adjustments to the fighters and introduced support for future amiibo figures, now in production.

Are Pyra, Mythra and Kazuya, the last characters to appear in the game before Sora. In addition, it also added compatibility with Samus amiibo released for Metroid Dread.

But nevertheless, nothing from sora, as Ethan @ cloudnine987 pointed out on Twitter (via Resetera).

Will Sora be left without his amiibo figure? When the character was announced, Sakurai also announced amiibo figures. of all of them except Sora. He neither confirmed nor denied that Sora was going to receive his figure, but there are already several indications that point to no.

Also keep in mind that production processes for amiibo figures are very slow. Min Min and Steve, characters who appeared in the game in 2020, will not receive their corresponding amiibo figures until spring 2022. Sefirot, Pyra / Myhra and Kazua are not even dated.

Sora would be the only character in the game without an amiibo figure, but he is also a character with a great peculiarity: he is Disney property, a very powerful and protective company of your IP, and that could have complicated this process: perhaps Disney did not authorize the production of a figure of his character, or asked for a percentage of income that made it not worth it.

Maybe we are wrong, and Sora ends up having his amiibo figure, but in any case, seeing that Sefirot or Kazuya’s do not have any prototypes ready to teach, it would not arrive until 2023 at least.

Sakurai is also very insecure about the future of Super Smash Bros. And while he acknowledges that he could return to make a new game, it likely did not have as many characters as the Nintendo Switch crossover.





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