Skyrim’s horses are almost eliminated from the game: Todd Howard issued an ultimatum on developmental problems

Skyrim's horses are almost eliminated from the game: Todd Howard issued an ultimatum on developmental problems

Skyrim’s horses caused more problems than many fans realize. A member of the Bethesda team tells a curious anecdote about the veteran role-playing game.

Do you remember the Skyrim bug where we could fly on the back of our steed? Well, this was not the only failure that the mounts generated in the legendary Bethesda title. Years after its launch we continue knowing anecdotes of its development.

Years go by and The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim continues to make headlines. The game has won many fans and the launch of ANOTHER edition has rekindled the passion for this northern region.

In a documentary film In an hour on the development of Skyrim, nine workers at the time discussed their impressions of the game. Jonah Lobe, who worked as a character artist revealed that the horses gave many headaches.

With the intervention of Lianne Cruz, developer in charge of animating quadruped creatures in Skyrim we have been able to know that the horses were about to be wiped out of the game.

The team came to consider its withdrawal due to the difficulties it posed. I remember that for a time the horse was not working. We were having so much trouble with him, trying to ride a horse.

The horse was sometimes so fast that the world did not charge in time. I remember there was almost an ultimatum in a meeting, where Todd said, “I will cut the horses if necessary. Because the most important thing is the dragons, the exploration and playing how you want.”

Can you imagine Skyrim without horses? Of course, the movement through the vast landscapes of the game would have changed radically. Fortunately, the years have given us more and more improvements.

So much so that horses are a very important feature right now. We leave you with our guide on how to find and tame wild horses in The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Anniversary Edition.

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