The LA Lakers sell an Xbox bundle with Halo and it is already speculation meat

The LA Lakers sell an Xbox bundle with Halo and it is already speculation meat

The LA Lakers sell an Xbox bundle with Halo. With a careful special edition of command and shirt, everything is very special, but it is already the meat of speculation.

The LA Lakers they published a Xbox own bundle with Halo motifs. It is a limited edition of $ 140 has a command with team motives and one special master chief t-shirt.

As it was a Los Angeles Lakers very special Xbox bundle, speculation has made its way. I suppose the team was hoping to commemorate the Halo Infinite premiere, without expecting these results.

The pack came out with a price $ 139.99, which was announced by the own LA Lakers Twitter account. To top it all, there were only certain and very specific ways to buy it.

The Halo Infinite Xbox bundle by LA Lakers it was only available in his own store. In online store? No, in the Staples Center, the track where the Lakers play their games.

This pack includes a series of objects that bring together the best of both worlds. These are:

  • An LA Lakers jersey with “Master Chief” on the back with the number 117.
  • An Xbox Series X | S controller customized with the LA Lakers design.
  • A figure of the Master Chief.

The bundle went on sale on Friday at 1:17 PM local North American time. And for this exclusivity in the THE store, many have been bought only for resale.

Some prices on eBay border on the absurdas they are sold for much more than their original price. In some ‘offers’ (collected in VGC) you can see the bundle for be purchased now for no less than $ 1,000 and up to $ 2,599.

Other packs have been put directly up for auction and have had bets of between $ 510 and $ 660, something much higher than their starting price which was – remember – $ 139.99.

Even though this time it’s just a custom xbox controller with LA Lakers motifs, let’s remember that there is an Xbox Series X special edition Halo. Although this was exclusive to GAME in Spain and it also has its own speculators.

This console Xbox Series X Halo Infinite Edition includes a digital copy of the game. Not available until the game goes on sale on December 8 and playable via Game Pass.

But Microsoft decided to give some “master” touches to its special edition. The Xbox Series X special edition of Halo Infinite and its controller have very hidden winks.

Are you still looking forward to Halo Infinite? The game, which is already Gold, is a very promising return of the master chief just as we anticipated you in our advance.

Remember that next to the Master Chief, another 11 guarantee squires coming to Xbox Game Pass in December.





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