Phil Spencer thinks the current Xbox ‘could have kept Bungie’

Phil Spencer thinks the current Xbox 'could have kept Bungie'

Phil Spencer believes that the Xbox of now ‘could have kept Bungie’. The Xbox boss has been talking about the original creators of the Halo saga on the company’s anniversary.

Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox brand has spoken about Bungie and that the current company could have kept the developer, which is behind creations like Halo and Destiny.

Bungie was acquired by Microsoft in 2000. The company had big ideas in mind, but most of all released a game that was listed as a hit, Halo: Combat Evolved, which would give in a saga.

Seven years later, in 2007, Bungie once again had the opportunity to operate independently of Microsoft. And since then, Bungie LLC is on the side and Microsoft retained the licenses of the Halo saga.

Chatting with Axios in an interview (via VGC), Spencer admitted understanding why creator of halo left Microsoft. In exact words about this from Bungie, He said:

Back then they had great ambitions. They had sold their business for a certain amount of money. But they saw what Halo became.

And it’s like, ‘Okay, Microsoft benefited more than Bungie from the success of Halo.’ There is no other story that can be written there“, Spencer said sincerely at the interview.

But it continued a little longer referencing Destiny, the newest hit from Bungie. “If you say, ‘hey, I think I have another one of those. I really want to have another chance. ‘

Then you could understand the appeal of doing it as an independent company.“. Reason why we came to the question that concerns us compared to the current Xbox.

This Xbox boasts of giving freedom and offer good service and treatment to all who are part of their community. And that shows in how they appreciate their studios and players in general.

So when asked if you believed that the separation from Microsoft was inevitableAs well as if the company could have kept them with them, he responded quite bluntly.

Could we do it today? I think we couldNow, it is not known if this or something similar will happen again with Phil Spencer at the helm. In a talk with GQ, the xbox boss revealed to be being pressured to find a replacement.

Clearly, someone who has been here 33 years, I have more years behind me.“, He said. “But the longevity and sustainability of the team, as well as other things, are more important to me than that.“.

And speaking specifically of his successor, he added: “This has to be done when you think about the long-term health of the team. Make sure it stays in a good place.

When the company culture is safe and we all make the right decisions about who to bet. That has to outlive me“.

Only time will tell what Spencer has ahead. For now Xbox Game Pass keeps adding games every month Like the ones of this round of december.

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