GTA Online: How To Use Birds To Drop Bombs With This Hilarious Trick

GTA Online: How To Use Birds To Drop Bombs With This Hilarious Trick

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GTA Online players have discovered an incredible trick to get kills by throwing bombs when we become a bird, and you can see in this viral TikTok.

The world of GTA Online allows players to experiment with everything the game has to offer, and some very clever players have discovered a simply incredible trick: use birds to drop bombs at other players.

Yes, it is a very effective but a bit creepy way to get kills, but the best thing is the way they do it: you transform into a seagull, fly unexpectedly above the players and throw a bomb at them without them noticing.

It is a genius that has arisen from a viral TikTok, which uses peyote plants to transform yourself into an animal and thus achieve this feat. Here’s the video:

GTA Online: How To Use Birds To Drop Bombs With This Hilarious Trick

The strategy is simply to equip sticky bombs while we are transformed into seagulls or pigeons and throw them at the enemies. The theory is simple, but the practice is not so, since there are several difficulties.

The main one is that peyote plants is a rotating object in the game, that were reintroduced into the game after the Halloween event, but are not always available.

It is another thing to find them, although there are many places on the map where you can find them.

Also, when you take them you can’t choose which animal to transform into, it’s random, so it will surely take you several tries. However, if you do eventually transform into a bird, this is a trick worth trying.

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