Dragon Age 4 continues to progress well and BioWare is hard at work on the "next Dragon Age single-player experience"

Dragon Age 4 continues to progress well and BioWare is hard at work on the “next Dragon Age single-player experience”

BioWare has left more confirmations that Dragon Age 4 will be focused on a player. The company has offered an update during Dragon Age Day.

Dragon Age 4, the new and fourth installment of the BioWare saga, keep progressing well. In turn, the studio works hard on which is the “Next Dragon Age Single Player Experience“.

December 4 was the Dragon age day (D4) like November 7 was the Mass effect day. It is a time where BioWare RPG fans they celebrate the day together with joy.

And not only that, also raise money for charitable causes and they hope to have new information about the new game. This year has been special, the developer has released two short stories and a quick note on Dragon age 4.

The stories have been about: You won’t know when“by Brianne Battye and The eternal flame“, by Sylvia Feketekuty. But let’s focus on the note on his development, since it was difficult to work from home because of him coronavirus.

If you don’t remember correctly, the new game seemed like I was going to have a different game changer to the previous trilogy. However, Dragon Age 4 will remove the multiplayer components after a change of approach by EA.

And this theory seems to have reaffirmed by BioWare itself, to the good news of many fans. “We have no words to thank for your continued support and love for the franchise. […] inspires us every day to continue building new worlds, characters and stories for you to explore“.

This is what they said on the quick note from BioWare, to which they accompany with: “And speaking of creating new worlds and stories to explore, we want to let you know that we are working hard to create the next Dragon Age single player experience.

We are looking forward to next year we can talk more about what we are doing“. It was the phrase ‘next single player experience‘the one that would kindle many flames of hope.

At first it might not represent much, but it reaffirms the rumor that EA decided to remove all game items as a service. In 2019, EA started to “redoubling the stakes on games as a service“.

As is normal, these words of Blake Jorgensen were feared in case it affected Dragon age 4. But since Anthem it did not end up being such a well stopped project, the new course could have been set.

What’s more, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was highly praised at its core for a player, both factors perhaps. have finished waking up Electronic Arts.

Mind you, last month the creative director of Dragon Age left BioWare. Will it affect the creation of the game much from now on?

We’ll see if Dragon Age sees the light of day in 2022 or it definitely goes to 2023.





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