Daniel Radcliffe made a fan faint after touching her arm

Daniel Radcliffe made a fan faint after touching her arm

The actor recalled a funny anecdote that happened to him in Japan while promoting Harry Potter.

Although Daniel Radcliffe has already managed to make a name for himself as an interpreter beyond Harry Potter, especially thanks to his latest works completely removed from the children’s audience, there was a moment when the British was seen all over the world as the boy wizard and this caused him the odd surprising situation.

Like the one that Radcliffe himself remembered during his visit to the television program The Jonathan Rosss Show, in which has recounted how a Japanese fan fainted after the actor addressed her during an event promoting Harry Potter.

“I was visiting a Japanese school as a promotional event … and I accidentally hit a girl on the arm as I passed by. So I turned around and said,” oh, I’m so sorry “and then, boom! Fainting. He had brushed her and then spoken to her, I guess it was too much for her and then he fainted, “Radcliffe recalled with amusement.

“And you know what? You have to learn to enjoy these kinds of things because they don’t last forever “, joked the actor, who at another point in the interview admits that he has not seen the movies for a long time. Harry Potter because he is very ashamed to see himself acting in them.

And it is that, oddly enough, 20 years have passed since the premiere of the first film in the saga, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, an anniversary that It will be held next January 1 on HBO Max, where the three protagonists will meet during a television special similar to the one made with Friends.

Currently, Radcliffe is working on the TV series Miracle Workers in which he plays an angel who must take care of all the requests that humans make through their prayers.





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