This is what the legendary song Binary Sunset from Star Wars sounds like with only trumpets

This is what the legendary song Binary Sunset from Star Wars sounds like with only trumpets

Marcus Grant masterfully combines the sound of his trumpet replacing all instruments to perform the iconic Binary Sunset from Star Wars.

Star wars is characterized by many factors that makes the saga created by George Lucas a unique and essential work in the history of cinema.

One of those factors, without a hint of a doubt, is the memorable soundtrack that John williams He gave us a gift in 1977, with some irreplaceable musical pieces.

One of those pieces is Binary sunset, a song that, if you do not know by the title, you will know by its chords with total security.

We first heard that melancholic symphony in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, though it was known only as Star Wars o ‘then.Star Wars‘.

It was in Tatooine, at sunset, with the Twin Suns falling on the horizon of the desert planet, when a young man Luke Skywalker he was observing the landscape, dreaming of adventures beyond the life he had lived.

Luke’s wish came true, becoming one of the Jedi Knights most legendary in the galaxy. John Williams’ Binary Sunset became, in turn, a very representative theme of the Jedi Order and the Force.

We are going to YouTube to see a very short video, but cool, of Marcus grant, a trumpeter who has combined several videos to ‘compose’ the legendary John Williams song.

Each instrument that participates in the orchestral performance of Binary Sunset is replaced by Marcus performing his part on the trumpet.

You can see the result up here, and it is admirable. The music of John Williams continues to fill the imaginations of Star Wars fans around the world.

Star Wars will return to our homes on December 29, when The Book of Boba Fett hits Disney plus with the adventures and misadventures of Boba Fett and Fennec Shand and with the music of Ludwig Göransson, which we should not despise at all.

What do you think of Marcus Grant’s interpretation of Binary Sunset from Star Wars?





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