They recreate the main PlayStation heroes with gingerbread and the results surprise, for better or for worse?

They recreate the main PlayStation heroes with gingerbread and the results surprise, for better or for worse?

PlayStation Sweden and the Webhallen company partner with artist Caroline Eriksson to create a gingerbread city … starring Ratchet, Aloy and Kratos.

Christmas is approaching, and you will surely like to celebrate it with the most iconic PlayStation exclusive games. In addition, in 2022 we will have new deliveries of God of War and Horizon.

These dates are ideal to incorporate christmas elements to video games (like Santa Claus in Battlefield 2042), so pay close attention to what he has shared PlayStation Sweden On twitter.

Gingerbread is a very common food in the Northern European Christmas festivities, and Sweden is one of the countries where more is consumed. Guess where the shots go?

PlayStation Sweden and the Webhallen company have partnered with a well-known concept artist, Caroline eriksson, to create a awesome city made of gingerbread… and something else.

Under the emblematic motto ”Play has no limits” of PS5, we can see different buildings made of this material. The big surprise is that we have three of the PlayStation heroes protecting this work.

How could it be otherwise, Ratchet, Aloy and Kratos They have their own recreations made from gingerbread. And the reactions of the PlayStation community have not been long in coming.

Perhaps they are not as bizarre as the works in the Madrid Wax Museum, although there are certain strange nuances in Ratchet, or even the factions of Aloy, protagonist of Horizon Zero Dawn.

The gingerbread sculpture has been made with the approval of PlayStation Studios, as well as those responsible for these franchises. That is to say, Santa Monica, Guerrilla and Insomniac Games.

We will not be unfair. There is great work behind this work by Caroline Eriksson, and you have to take into account the difficulty of using Gingerbread (little less than a sweet) to make up these sculptures.

The community agrees that Kratos, protagonist of God of War, is the one that most convinces by its design and features. Also noteworthy is the recreation of Aloy’s necklace and outfit.

As always, you have the last word. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate Christmas in PlayStation Sweden what with these sculptures of our heroes. We miss other mythical ones, yes, like Joel, Ellie or Nathan Drake.

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