Sony plans to unify PS Plus and PS Now into a subscription service with which to stand up to Game Pass, according to Bloomberg

Sony plans to unify PS Plus and PS Now into a subscription service with which to stand up to Game Pass, according to Bloomberg

According to Schreier, Sony plans to launch a renewed PS Plus service that integrates the PS Now subscription catalog with which to stand up to Xbox Game Pass.

Sony wants to bet on subscription services, an increasingly popular business model, frequently supported by the “magic” of streaming, with which to compete against Xbox Game Pass.

Really, the “Netflix of videogames” has changed the rules of the game, because although Sony already has a streaming game service (which even allows you to play PlayStation games on PC), PlayStation Now, the ubiquity of Game Pass has forced Sony to rethink its strategy and bet almost for a “rebranding” of the service integrating it with PS Plus.

At least, that’s how Jason Schreier tells it in Bloomberg, filtering what could have been one of the PlayStation bomb ads using sources who prefer to remain anonymous.

The first details of this service, whose code name is “Spartacus” is that it would be launched in spring 2022 and would join the offers of PS Plus and PS Now, staying with the name PS Plus and therefore definitely scrapping the PS Now brand.

PS Now would disappear and its offer would be included within the renewed PS Plus, which would remain the mandatory subscription to play online, but would include new “tiers” with the Now offer.

What would the new PlayStation Plus consist of?

Roughly, this is what the new PS Plus will consist of according to Bloomberg:

  1. The basic service that allows you to play PS4 and PS5 online and access a selection of free games every month
  2. A catalog of PS4 games and later PS5 games
  3. A catalog of games for PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP, extended demos and the possibility of playing via streaming

There are no details on the streaming features, although this suggests that they would be reserved for the more expensive third tier, and that the games included in the second tier PS4 catalog would be for download and play only.

Nor is anything known about whether it would continue to be compatible with PC, or most importantly, its price or what would happen to current PS Now and PS Plus subscribers.

However, it does say that Sony is expanding its resources to the game through the cloud, so hopefully it will play an important role.

On your personal twitter, Schreier explained that does not expect Sony to include its new first party games from day one in the catalog like Microsoft does with Game Pass, but it does expect it to be a better deal than PS Now.

For now, Sony presented this week your three December PS Plus games, a somewhat poor selection and says more about the bump that Godfall hit, that a year later he is already giving it away.

And finally, remember that this, for now, is still a Bloomberg report without official statements by Sony, so it should continue to be treated as a rumor, and all this information, if true, is susceptible to change.





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