Get your wallet ready: here’s what a PlayStation 1 would cost you if it launched today

Get your wallet ready: here's what a PlayStation 1 would cost you if it launched today

Here’s what the original PlayStation would cost you with today’s money if it were released now.

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, and the price of products is also adapting to the new times, and it is likely that one of those electronic devices that came out decades ago to the market now have an exorbitant sale price, or at least very superior to what we are used to.

And the site eBuyer, via gamingbible, has done the calculations using the 1995 UK retail price of the original PlayStation to find out how much this same product would cost 25 years later, and the price is going to surprise you.

And it is that PlayStation is one of the most important consoles that have been launched on the market, with great classics such as Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy or Metal Gear, which have had new iterations in subsequent years.

But while these memories have no monetary value for nostalgia, their material value could be indicated. And in the UK at least, the original PlayStation was already selling for $ 299 in 1995, but according to eBuyer in 2020. this price would be the equivalent of $ 783.

Considering that the PlayStation 5 costs about 500 euros for the reader version, the price of the technology has apparently dropped compared to two decades ago.

These prices should not be confused with what a collector would end up paying for a sealed device of these characteristics, because otherwise we would be talking about much higher economic amounts as has already been demonstrated with some games like Zelda on the NES.

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