Dragon Ball Z – This is the impressive resin of Gohan definitive destroying Majin Buu

Dragon Ball Z - This is the impressive resin of Gohan definitive destroying Majin Buu

Today we bring you an amazing resin from Dragon Ball! You’ll be speechless when you see it!

As usual, today we are going to show you a resin of Dragon ball that will take your breath away. Do you like the saga of boo? Do youThey are gohan is your favorite character from the whole series?

If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. If your answer has been negative, it does not matter, the piece that we are going to show you will also surprise you. You do not believe it?

Before continuing, and as every day, we leave you below our latest installment of the Direct Z. Every Sunday, around 5:00 p.m., you can enjoy a very nostalgic live on our channels of Youtube and Twitch.

In the previous program we show you the mythical Tazos of our childhood! So I said, if you have not seen it yet, we leave it right below … And finally, it was time to enjoy the new collector’s piece of Dragon ball!

Over the next year a beastly resin of Dragon Ball Z, by the hand of Temple Studio. On this occasion, the protagonists of the statue will be Gohan definitive and Majin Buu. In fact, they will represent a mythical scene of the series in which the saiyan explodes the monster of Babidí with a punch.

Below we present an exhaustive gallery of the resin, where you can appreciate all the details of this statue to remember. Special mention to the effects produced by Gohan’s attack, raising a large smoke and cracking the ground. What a madness, look!

This resin will be launched at a price of around € 360, so you better save money so you don’t run out of it. If you like it, you can reserve it in stores like Majin Store. Don’t miss out on this 36 cm tall statue!

What did you think of this authentic savagery? Will you get it or do you prefer other types of cheaper figures? !Kai, Kai!

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