Best Mortal Shell Containers - Classes and Where to Get Each One

Best Mortal Shell Containers – Classes and Where to Get Each One

In Mortal Shell there are several types of receptacles, classes or sets of very important armor to overcome the game in the best possible way. Here we tell you everything about them.

Deadly Shell it differs from other soulslike precisely in its class system. The receptacles or shells are a series of armor that includes various unique statistics. Depending on which size you can take advantage of certain advantages.

Beyond going naked, in Mortal Shell there are four receptacles. In this guide we talk about each of them, which is the best and where you can get them.

Best Mortal Shell Containers – Classes and Where to Get Each One

First of all, if you want to unleash the full potential of each class, not only will it be enough to get the armor, but you will have to talk to Sister Genessa so that, in exchange for Tar, empower each one.

Here we leave you the four classes, their location and where they mainly stand out. Inside guide:

Harros, the Vassal

You will be able to find this receptacle in the early stages of the game, during the first visit to Fallgrim. This is a class that offers good statistics at the beginning of the adventure, but that will become obsolete as you progress. It is the most balanced in the game.

Solomon the Scholar

This is a class that can be very interesting if you master the mechanics of the parrys. You will find her in the fallgrim forest. Its only weak point is that it lacks stamina, which can complicate combat.

Tiel the Acolyte

You will find this receptacle the Abandoned rooms in the place where you fight the boss Ven Noctivagu. Although it may seem like a rather loose shell, the high resistance and poison power make this class a more than viable option. If you take poison damage, you will heal, for example.

Eredrim, the Venerable

Its about best game receptacle. You can get to him just before crossing the point that will take you to Eternal Narthex. With it you will get much more life and enjoy advantages in combat such as doing more damage to solitary enemies or accumulating executions.

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