Alfa Pictures will bring Detective Conan The Bride of Halloween, the 25th film of the popular anime, to the cinemas of Spain

Alfa Pictures will bring Detective Conan The Bride of Halloween, the 25th film of the popular anime, to the cinemas of Spain

Continuing with tradition, Alfa Pictures will bring Detective Conan’s next feature film to theaters in Spain, which is entitled La novia de Halloween.

Despite how badly anime has been treated in much of Spain, Detective Conan continues to have a good legion of followers throughout the country.

Proof of this is that for a few years Alfa Pictures The new Detective Conan films began to be released in theaters in our country, having such a good reception that it has already become an annual tradition.

That is why we are not in the least surprised by the announcement of the distributor confirming that it will also premiere in theaters in Spain Detective Conan: Halloween Bride, the 25th film of the popular detective created by mangaka Gôshô Aoyama.

There are certain Detective Conan movies in which they focus on a certain important character or reveal some interesting details about the main plot of the series, and the movie Detective Conan: Halloween Bride is a good example of this.

Its plot begins in the Shibuya district, where it seems that detectives Miwako Sato and Wataru Takagi are finally going to take the big step of getting married. As Conan and the other guests watch the ceremony, an assailant suddenly breaks in and Takagi is injured trying to protect Sato.

Although Takagi survives the attack, Sato can’t help but remember Detective Matsuda, a former partner Sato had feelings for and who ended up dying three years ago in a serial bombing case (one of the best cases in the world). Detective Conan series, by the way). At the same time, the culprit in the case escapes from prison. Coincidence or is there something else behind it?

Detective Conan Halloween Bride Poster

Tooru Amuro, whose real name is Rei Furuya, a member of the secret police who infiltrated the Organization of the Men in Black with the code name Bourbon, manages to corner the murderer of the bombs, but a mysterious person enters the scene and places a bomb on him. shaped like a necklace.

As usual, Conan Edogawa will be involved in the case and will try to help Amuro and the police to hunt down the culprit, but a mysterious and disturbing shadow stalks them …

With more than 1000 chapters in both the anime and the manga, Detective Conan is published in Spain by Planeta Cómic, with a total of 100 volumes published of its Volume 2 of the collection (covering up to volume 97 of the publication Japanese).

Although it is appreciated the arrival of the Detective Conan films in Spain, there has been some controversy among many of the fans because his latest film, Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet, has only been released with audio in Japanese and Catalan (although with Spanish subtitles).

This has also happened with the first Detective Conan films, finding as a main problem that they are not found for sale in much of the country, so the most collector fans have to get them through the websites of stores in Catalonia or its surroundings.

For the moment we will have to find a song in the teeth with which we can enjoy the new Detective Conan films in theaters, even if it is in the original version with subtitles. Although there is no confirmed date yet, Detective Conan: Halloween Bride is expected to hit theaters sometime in 2022.





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