Spider-Man No Way fever is sweeping the world: ticket speculation, pre-sale records ... and even fistfights!

Spider-Man No Way fever is sweeping the world: ticket speculation, pre-sale records … and even fistfights!

The fever to see Spider-Man No Way Home is sweeping the world: the first tickets are resold for thousands of dollars and there is even a fist fight to buy them.

Countdown to see Spider-Man No Way Home marks just two more weeks. It will premiere on December 17, although in some countries, including Spain, it can be seen a day before, on December 16, Thursday. Tickets go on sale from 00:00 on December 1!

And everything indicates that this premiere is going to be a bombshell, easily the largest theatrical release in the post-pandemic era … and that it is causing a real madness. In the United States, for example, resell tickets for thousands of dollars.

But the fever goes further. And it is that in Mexico apparently there has been a case of a fist fight in front of the box office of a cinema that sold tickets for the new Spider-Man movie …

Okay, it’s true that we really can’t know why the fight started. Maybe they were debating about which spider-man movie is the best.

According to Vegetasgirl92, they were fighting over Spider-Man tickets, and he jokes that surely the movie of The Flash don’t arouse the same excitement … even though it’s also about the multiverse and will have multiple versions of Flash and Batman, including Michael Keaton’s.

Spider-Man No Way Home, in addition, has swept the pre-sale of tickets through Fandango (a website from the United States), with the best sales data in the first 24 hours from Avengers Endgame.

It has even advanced to the pre-sale of tickets for other pre-pandemic hits such as Avengers Infinity War, Star Wars The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker. Interestingly, Spider-Man No Way Home also broke an Endgme record: that of the trailer with the most views, it was viewed 355 million times in 24 hours!

Remember: in Spain, after an unexpected delay, tickets will go on sale from 00:00 on Wednesday, December 1. If you want to see it on the day of the premiere, December 16, do not get lost and go quickly to the website of your trusted cinema to buy it.





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