19-year-old man shot while trying to sell his PS5

19-year-old man shot while trying to sell his PS5

A man trying to sell his PS5 to a buyer is shot. The 19-year-old from Harris County, Texas, was just trying to make the transaction.

After a year has passed since the launch of PS5, the console is still very low in stock. But shoot a 19 year old trying to sell a console?

It is clear that all interested in buy a PS5 it can get very frustrated. But because of that interest it seems that other people, like this one from Harris County in Texas, have gone to certain ‘extremes’.

As reported from ABC13, a young man from this North American county posted a PS5 sale online. And understandably, he was contacted by a potential buyer who saw the ad.

They both reached a written contract in the chat to exchange console and money at 13:30 last Sunday. But things went awry, as this ‘buyer’ had no intention of being nice.

When they both arrived, this person pulled out a firearm and tried to steal the PS5 from the seller. It is not clear what happened after this, but for whatever reasons, the assailant shot the young man. “on one side“.

Although the strangest of all is that did not steal anythingMaybe because of the hours or some crowd. The fact is that, when shooting, he escaped the scene without grabbing this console, which he left lying there.

Steve Campion, of the own medium ABC13, published an extract of the news through his Twitter account. The portal opened the event with an image of the PS5 after the events.

This is horrible, folks. A 19-year-old was meeting someone who expressed interest in purchasing a PlayStation 5 from him and was shot in northwest Harris County.“, he comments.

Fortunately, there is nothing more to regret, since the victim was able to reach a local hospital. There, it is in stable condition without “life-threatening injuries“.

As for the ‘buyer’, this one is still loose apparently because the police could not give a description of the suspect.

The shortage of consoles, graphics cards and electronics continues to rampant as late as 2023, according to some experts.

Despite efforts by Sony and TSMC to open a chip factory in Japan, demand is current. That means they should be ready for the immediate future, but that would not be the case.

The semiconductor crisis is something that has been punishing the stock since its inception. All this, and more, due to the coronavirus pandemic, in addition to other factors.

Even when the situation will be as such due to this crisis? Well, we better wait seated.

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