This is the new miniseries of Around the world in 80 days with David Tennant

This is the new miniseries of Around the world in 80 days with David Tennant

Around the World in 80 Days shows off its first trailer, in which we see David Tennant playing Phileas Fogg, along with Leonie Benesch and Ibrahim Koma.

Around the World in 80 Days is a classic of Julio Verne that never goes out of style, and that, like Macbeth from William Shakespeare, is constantly being reinterpreted with new film or television adaptations.

We will have the return of Phileas Fogg and Jean Passepartout thanks to Steve Barron, who runs this new miniseries of Around the World in 80 Days. The miniseries will have a total of 8 episodes and will premiere on January 2 in Masterpiece PBS – It has not yet been confirmed what other systems it could reach.

For now already the first trailer has been published of the series, in which we are introduced to the characters that will appear in it and we have a first look at their adventures around the world. David tennant, known to be the tenth Doctor Who or, more recently, the demon Crowley on Good ommens, is in charge of giving life to the adventurer Phileas fogg.

Following Fogg’s presentation, the trailer of Around the World in 80 Days introduces us to his new partner, Abigail Fix, a journalist played by Leonie benesch, who we have seen in The Crown. Abigail decides to join Phileas Fogg to do full coverage of her trip around the world.

Of course, we will also have Fogg’s inseparable companion, Jean Passepartout, which is interpreted by Ibrahim Koma (Mother is wrong). Although Fogg is very determined to travel the world in 80 days, there will be other characters who will doubt his project. And even Passepartout himself will be surprised by his curious travel methods.

Just take a look at the trailer to see that we are undoubtedly facing a adventure comedy that will make us have a good time, full of different locations and with characters that will be constantly getting into trouble.

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