The Binding of Isaac Repentance: How To Beat The Final Boss And Get The True Ending

The Binding of Isaac Repentance: How To Beat The Final Boss And Get The True Ending

This is all you have to do if you want to unlock the true ending for The Binding of Isaac Repentance, and you’re going to have to beat a few bosses.

Although there are several ways we have to get there at the end of The Binding of Isaac Repentance, only one of the forms takes us to the true end and is full of authentic battles that you will have to deal with with your character, one more difficult than another.

But to get to the true end before, you will have to carry out a series of preliminary steps such as, for example, collecting the two pieces of knife that will allow you to access the last rooms that await the bosses.

In this guide we are going to tell you exactly how to assemble the knife, what you must do to reach the final bosses and also some clues so that you can defeat them easily and quickly.

The Binding of Isaac Repentance: How To Beat The Final Boss And Get The True Ending

The first requirement you must achieve to reach the true ending is to get the two pieces of knife and assemble it. The first piece of knife is obtained by walking towards the blue-gray flame in the Downpour Dross 2 level, and then entering through the mirror on the floor. The second piece the knife is accessed by pressing all the yellow buttons in the Mines Ashpit 2 level.

With the assembled knife, you must go to the red door that appears at the end of the mausoleum and you can enter through it where you will reach the battle with different bosses. When you have defeated them you must leave the room and drop into the hole and keep moving forward until you reach the credits.

The Binding of Isaac Repentance

There we will receive a notice that a strange door has appeared in the depths and we must go to it. To enter the door you must use the Polaroid or the negative and collect the card The Fool that will allow you to teleport when you have collected the previous elements. You can find it by exploding the marked skull in level Depths 2.

Going through the strange door you will be transported to mausoleum two until you reach the boss room obtaining the item that is granted to you there. We will teleport again and we must follow the path until we reach a beam of light in basement 1.

With this we will reach the top floor of this additional content and we find a series of rooms and corridors until we reach one where there is a bed to have access to an alternative version of the floor. Now we must go to the room with the television and look at the device to trigger a battle with Dogma.

Facing Dogma

He has a base health of 2400 and ideally you should first learn his attack patterns.

Shooting the boss directly in this first part will not cause him damage and you must avoid all the projectiles and the lightning that he throws at you.

Once you have weakened him thanks to the television, a transformed version of the enemy will appear that will fly throughout the area and hit you with a multitude of movements and feathers that are gradually falling from the air. You must move continuously and hit him when necessary.

The Ultra Heralds

Now we will enter a 2D side scrolling phase where we will face these four enemies, which are the classics you already know but bigger and more dangerous.

They behave in a very similar way to the originals, but now it can be a bit tricky due to this new side scrolling.

The beast

It has a base life of 10,000 and in the first part of the fight the screen will begin to move to the left to chase you, and you must be attacking continuously while avoiding a series of rocks and projectiles.

When you have dealt enough damage, it will disappear under the lava and re-emerge from the left side, chasing you to the right at a faster rate than before, and you will have to do exactly the same by shooting it and dodging the projectiles until you can defeat it and reach it. to the true end.

We have also told you how to unlock the mega mush.

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