Pokémon Shiny Pearl and Shiny Diamond: How to customize the player’s appearance and types of clothing

The remakes of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl would show a new trailer with improved graphics shortly, according to a leak

We explain how to change the player’s appearance in Pokémon Shining Pearl and Shining Diamond: the store and the types of clothes you can buy in the Nintendo Switch remakes.

Fashion is a huge factor in Pokémon (both in-game and in the real world). In the end, Pokemon Bright diamond and Shimmering Pearl They are RPG games, and what self-respecting RPG does not allow you to customize the player’s appearance?

In this guide for the new Pokémon remakes for Nintendo Switch we explain how to change clothes, where to buy more outfits and what outfits we can find in this game, from the fourth generation of Pokémon.

Pokémon Shiny Pearl and Shiny Diamond: How to customize the player’s appearance and types of clothing

Changing the clothes of our Pokémon trainer is a novelty of this edition of Nintendo Switch, although you should know that you can only change the complete styles, that is, you cannot combine a top and pants to your liking.

In order to customize our appearance, you must take to the Rocavelo City (which you arrive at when you pass the gym in Ciudad Vetusta) and visit the Metronome Styles Store. This is where you can buy most styles and where you can switch between the ones you have, approaching the counter.

These are the Pokémon Shimmering Pearl and Shiny Diamond outfits and their price)

  • Usual style (which you start the game with)
  • Monkey (21,000)
  • Pikachu Hoodie (98,000)
  • Eevee Jacket (98,000)
  • Gengar’s Jacket (98,000)
  • Cyber ​​Style (45,000)
  • Spring style (34,000)
  • Summer Style (Unlocks in Story)
  • Winter style (50,000)
  • Casual style (86,000)
  • Leather style (120,000)
  • Platinum Style (DLC Mystery Gift)

Here we leave you the analysis of Pokémon Shiny Diamond and Shining Pearl on Nintendo Switch, a remake specially designed to activate the nostalgia of those who played the original Nintendo DS (Switch mainstream audience today).

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