New clip of Peacemaker, John Cena’s series for HBO Max, with memory of Aquaman

New clip of Peacemaker, John Cena's series for HBO Max, with memory of Aquaman

The new HBO Max series born out of James Gunn’s Suicide Squad premieres a new clip before releasing its next trailer.

In addition to giving him the poetic justice that some characters in Suicide Squad deserved, the new version of the group of supervillains directed by James Gunn It has also allowed me to meet other less famous people from the DC comics but with a lot of potential.

A clear example of this is The Peacemaker by John Cena, who has liked the public so much that he is even going to have his own series on HBO Max. Peacermaker opens on the streaming platform on January 13, but taking advantage of the fact that a special edition of Comic Con is being held, they have released a new clip with a memory of a DC superhero.

The clip in question shows John Cena’s character in a scene that could go right after the end of Suicide Squad, since Peacemaker is in the hospital, where he begins a somewhat stupid conversation with a janitor who is cleaning the floor and with whom he discusses whether he can be a henchman or not.

At the end of the discussion, Cena tells him that he is a superhero and the other laughs at him saying that he does not believe him and that a superhero is someone like Aquaman, to which Peacemaker replies, “Fuck Aquaman!”, an expression that does not make the janitor at all funny.

The video ends by announcing the premiere date of the series on HBO Max, where will next January 13, and also serves to remember that on December 3 there will be a new trailer for this series created by James Gunn as John Cena.

At the moment, the Peacemaker series is the only confirmed Suicide Squad born project, though there may be more in development that have yet to be announced.

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