Mobile phone controls discovered in GTA: the Trilogy – the Definitive Edition

Mobile phone controls discovered in GTA: the Trilogy - the Definitive Edition

Mobile controls have been discovered in GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition. It seems that Rockstar missed this detail in GTA San Andreas.

Rockstar seems to have forgotten to remove mobile phone controls in GTA The Trilogy Definitive Edition. A GTA San Andreas player has discovered them in their version and has published the evidence.

Apparently there is still the option to choose widget from the mobile version of San Andreas. Since it was published on November 11, the Console and PC versions of this trilogy they have not stopped having problems.

After complaints, criticism and upset about its bugs, glitches and performance, Rockstar apologized for its release and promised solutions. Some have already arrived with various updates, but there is still a long way to go.

If the complaints about the rain, the models, animations and the performance in Switch weren’t enough, be another participant. Things are not looking good for Rockstar, which could delay other updates to improve the games.

Has the developer sinned in confidence? User notes make it very clear, the current state of the games is inadmissible. But this latest discovery leaves Rockstar more in evidence.

Apparently in the Definitive Edition for GTA San Andreas, there are still controls for mobile phones. What exactly happened to these releases on consoles and PC?

As the NationalPepper Twitter account shows with an image, Rockstar forgot to remove these controls. This profile has been in charge of reporting technical problems for these versions.

Here’s another confirmation that we’re playing heavily modified mobile ports. There is still widget code in the game, which asks to choose touch controls“, he commented in the tweet.

In a later tweet As an answer, it shows the ones that you choose to choose the game on iOS and Android. “They look the same as in their old mobile ports“, he commented.

Although this is not that it means that Rockstar has published ‘heavily modified mobile ports‘on consoles. Only that the company has not bothered to eliminate this option.

Of course, neither one thing nor the other serve as an excuse for something like this to be in versions for consoles and / or PC.

For now GTA The Trilogy Definitive Edition He’s also planning a release on iOS and Android sometime in 2022. For now, no exact date, of course.

Is this one of the things that you will have to withdraw? During launch, they had to remove the game from PC due to problems with certain files. That weekend he was eliminated until several days later.

And this is not the only thing that has been found exploring the game files. We recently mentioned that they found an unfinished virtual reality mode for San Andreas.

Do youSnoop Dogg may have been ahead of Rockstar? Who knows, but if you are subscribed to Game Pass you already have available GTA San Andres Definitive Edition.

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