Making-of of Peti Roja, Aardman’s latest short film for Netflix

Making-of of Peti Roja, Aardman's latest short film for Netflix

Netflix has released a video showing how Robin Robin was made, a stop-motion short by Aardman that uses felt instead of clay.

Peti Roja (Robin robin) is the last short film from the animation studio Aardman Animations to reach Netflix on November 24. In the thirty minutes that the short lasts, Dan ojari and Michael Please take us to a Christmas children’s story starring mice and a robin.

A family of mice discovers a lost egg, whose chick they decide to adopt, making it another member of the family. Of a mischievous nature, these mice are dedicated to stealing food from humans in order to survive, but to the robin She’s not very good at being silent in her forays.

One day, to impress his family, Robin He decides to venture out on his own to get loot, but on his way he will meet the worst enemy a mouse can have: the cat. Netflix has published a video in which they show us how the process of creating the fierce villain that its protagonist must face was like.

Gillian Anderson, who plays the cat in the short film, counts in the making-of of Peti Roja who has always liked the style of stop-motion animation of Aardman, especially in Wallace & Gromit. It also explains how one of his biggest fears it was having to perform the musical number that appears in the short, although in the end it almost seems more like a spoken number than a sung number.

This time, Aardman uses felt dolls instead of the typical clay with which we have seen them do most of their jobs, such as Shaun the sheep (2015) or Pirates! (2012).

The director of the short, Mikey Please, said the studio sought to achieve an art style that could not be replicated by computer, and that the animators noted the differences in the change in technique. On the one hand they realized that they needed fewer puppets and less time to modify their poses, but on the other they saw that facial expressions were more difficult to achieve.

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