Hailee Steinfeld Says Her Role In Hawkeye Helped Her Discipline And Confidence

Hailee Steinfeld Says Her Role In Hawkeye Helped Her Discipline And Confidence

For Hailee Steinfeld playing superhero Kate Bishop has been a change in her career.

The new Marvel series has finally been released on Disney Plus, Hawk Eye, which has a certain Christmas air and that, in addition to saying goodbye to one of the classic MCU characters such as Clint Barton, It also introduces a new character who already has a huge legion of comic book fans, Kate Bishop.

A character for whom the internet chose Hailee Steinfeld as the actress who was supposed to interpret it, which has placed an extra burden of responsibility for this interpreter who has recognized that this superheroine has made her learn things about herself that she did not know existed.

“I’ve really felt that this character has forced me to find a confidence, a determination and a discipline that has always been inside of me but that I have had to bring out in order to do justice to this heroine. I feel very fortunate to have been able to play this character so loved by the fans, “confesses Steinfeld.

Besides being a wonderful archer, Bishop is going to become the new Hawkeye, a relay that has happened both on and off the screen, as Jeremy Renner himself has told in an interview with Discussing Film in which he has recognized that at 50 he feels like a “grandfather” of the UCM.

“She was ready. She’s mind-blowing. It makes me feel old to see so many people going in and out of the UCM. I am like a grandfather. It’s terrible. Hailee is here to stay … that’s one of the things I wanted to show her, that I’m here to support her and that a lot is going to happen. You know, it’s different from other movie sagas, “acknowledges the actor.

The introduction of Kate Bishop in the MCU has opened doors for new stories within the Marvel universe to come soon, such as the Young Avengers?

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