Eternals screenwriter confirms that character’s death

Eternals screenwriter confirms that character's death

Ryan Firpo, screenwriter of Eternals, has assured that the death of this character is final.

Although in the world of the great franchises you never know if the death of a character is really final, one of the writers of Eternals, the new film of the UCM, has explained that the end of THAT character is, indeed, his death.

[SPOILERS de Eternals] After trying to stop his Eternal brothers to fulfill their mission to use the energy of the Earth to give life to the Celestial Tiamut, Ikaris decides to end his life imitating the mythological character from which the name comes and flies towards the sun until it merges with it, which, effectively, means the death of the character.

“What is the temperature required to melt an Eternal? How long does it take to melt an Eternal robot? Ikaris can’t bear to face his family after what he’s done, and he realizes it. I don’t think he thinks he’s wrong, he’s just very sorry. He is deeply sorry, “explains screenwriter Ryan Firpo.

“He regrets the way he has lived on this planet, and it is a very heavy burden to bear. So that act [su sacrificio] He is basically saying: “I have made a mistake but I cannot face my family, I cannot go on living.” When we recorded it we considered it an exile but in the end it became something definitive. ”

“It is a moment in which it is seen that it is a sacrifice. It is as if he said:” I cannot serve The Eternal. I don’t serve the Celestials and if I can’t be with my family, then I choose this third option, which for him is like oblivion. So yes, he is dead, “Firpo confirmed in an interview with CBR.

Therefore, it seems that we are not going to see Richard Madden’s character again anytime soon in the MCU, Although we may continue to see the rest of his family from Los Eternos, because they still have a lot to prove.

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