Conceptos básicos de red Alcance y estabilidad en redes Wi-Fi

Network Basics: Reach and Stability in Wi-Fi Networks

We return to the load with a new article dedicated to network basics. On this occasion we are going to talk about two concepts that are used frequently when we talk about the quality and the possibilities offered by a Wi-Fi network, range and stability.

Before going into the matter, it is necessary to be clear why these two concepts are so important when we refer to a Wi-Fi network. When we start using a Wi-Fi network, it will work through radio waves that are capable of traveling a certain distance before being totally useless. This means that it has a limited scope.

On the other hand, the intensity with which we receive the signal can significantly affect the stability of our connection when we use a Wi-Fi network, and will largely depend on the scope of this. Thus, the greater the range, the more likely we are to receive the signal with sufficient intensity even though we are far from the router, and the closer we are, the better the connection we should have.

Reach and Stability in Wi-Fi Networks: What They Are and Why They Matter

The range of a Wi-Fi network can be defined as the maximum distance that it is capable of reaching with the signal it generates. It is important to keep in mind that this maximum will be given by the furthest point from the router where we still have an Internet connection, even if this is not optimal or does not present a good performance.

On the contrary, stability indicates the correct operation of the connection, that is, the absence of micro-cuts, severe packet losses and drops. To understand it better, an example is enough, if we have an Internet connection that does not stop throwing us, or losing the signal, said connection will have stability problems. These can occur for many reasons, including range problems to network saturation.

And why are both concepts important? This can be deduced from what we have exposed in the previous paragraph, and it is that in the end both concepts reflect two central pillars that are necessary to enjoy a good internet connection. If the range is insufficient, we will not have Wi-Fi connection in many areas of our home or office, and if the stability is not good, we will not stop having connection cuts and losses.

To get a good reach, it is important use a quality router, place it in a suitable position and free of obstacles and minimize interference as much as possible. If we want to achieve good stability, all of the above can also help us, and we should avoid situations in which the network can be totally congested.

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