Returnal, a game about embracing death - We talk to Housemarque

Things are coming for Returnal: Housemarque unleashes speculation with a mysterious tweet

Housemarque is anticipating news for Returnal: the PS5-exclusive roguelike game could receive DLC in the future, perhaps at The Game Awards?

Returnal is one of the most interesting exclusive games in the world. first year of PlayStation 5. Housemarque was a very faithful studio for PlayStation with arcade martian-type games like Resogun, but with Returnal they took several steps forward with a AAA quality game with the freshness of an indie.

A month ago, the sci-fi roguelike got a big update with a photo mode and the ability to “suspend cycle“, that is, save the progress in the middle of a game if we have to turn off the PS5.

However, in terms of DLC they have never announced anything clear. That could change very soon, because today Housemarque posted a mysterious tweet with an asset that, apparently, is not present in the gameor.

As if that were not enough, the Returnal Senior Narrative Designer (and before that on Control and Quantum Break) has quoted the tweet saying that they just recorded something fantastic, and are looking forward to sharing more information soon.

Come on what things are coming.

Perhaps at the gala of The Game Awards 2021 we will know something, since it will have between 40 or 50 ads, but the vast majority will be from games already known. It would not be surprising that Housemarque and Sony bet on announcing it in that framework, which last year had a monstrous audience of 83 million viewers.

In addition, Returnal aspires to three awards: Best Direction (the only one in that category without a Best Game nomination), Best Sound Design and Best Action Game.

Ratchet & Clank A Dimension Apart, Sony’s grand exclusive first party this year, is aiming for six awards. Here you have the complete list of nominations at The Game Awards 2021.

Returnal is a roguelike, so every time you die you go back to where you started … but the world is different. It is a genre that threatens the most sacred: save the game, but to which many games in recent years, especially indies, have signed up.

If you need help, here we tell you how many biomes and final bosses there are in Returnal, and how to get the secret and good ending.





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