The Black Alien Project: 10 years of surgical interventions to become an alien

The Black Alien Project: 10 years of surgical interventions to become an alien

ATTENTION: This publication is liable to affect some sensitivities.

We know the controversial story of Black Alien, a man whose goal is to ‘become’ an alien through surgery.

That there are people who break with social conventions is nothing new, there are not a few who take their lives a little further through the most bizarre paths.

A while ago, for example, we knew the story of the Red Skull fan who underwent surgery to become the Marvel villain.

But what if the goal is ‘even’ more ambitious? What if someone wants to become something much further away from what a human being would be?

A good example is found in the controversial figure of Black alien, whose real name is Anthony Loffredo and that he has been undergoing surgery for two years to become an alien.

This 33-year-old Frenchman yearns to become a being from beyond our atmosphere, and for that has resorted to the operating room countless times, and those that remain.

The last intervention of Anthony Loffredo in his The Black Alien Project has been amputating two fingers on each hand: ring and little finger.

The operations, carried out (some at least) in Mexico, also include the amputation of the ears and part of the nose and the deformation of the skull to insert protrusions.

Loffredo receives endless criticism for his project, including many with hostile overtones, insults and threats.

Instagram has repeatedly removed some of his posts in which he showed his hand with amputated fingers.

Despite everything, this Frenchman continues, affirming that no criticism will prevent him from reaching his final goal one day.

On his Instagram channel you can find a multitude of photographs of the process that he has taken to date, and it is certainly starting to look like something out of a Mass Effect video game (for example).

What do you think of this project to physically become an alien? Do you agree with the criticism Anthony Loffredo receives for pursuing his goal?

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