One of PlayStation’s most coveted features could come to Xbox

One of PlayStation's most coveted features could come to Xbox

Microsoft wants to reward you with some achievement if you unlock absolutely everything from a game.

One of the systems that have been established with consoles such as PlayStation or Xbox is the trophy and achievement system, a kind of challenges or objectives that the user can achieve in their games to compare themselves with the rest of the community or simply to show off among his friends.

It became popular on Xbox with the achievement system and also on PlayStation with the relevant trophies, and basically they are exactly the same with very little differences from each other.

But one of those differences between the Xbox achievement system and the PlayStation trophy system is that PlayStation users can get an additional trophy. in the form of platinum which is basically awarded to you if you’ve gotten all the previous trophies.

And that is why the Xbox user community has been asking Microsoft for quite some time a kind of platinum achievement that is awarded to those users who unlock all achievements in a game.

As well, Jason Ronald, director of product management for Xbox, has confirmed in an interview with the YouTube channel Iron Lords Podcast, who are considering the possibility of including an achievement “for those players who unlock everything”.

He has confirmed that they are listening to the opinions of the fans. and that they want to reward each of the users for their way of playing.

Explain that there are players who only enjoy certain game modes and who also deserve a particular achievement, those who want to unlock absolutely everything and who deserve a specific achievement or those who play a multitude of different games, and who equally deserve an achievement.

Although it has not exactly confirmed a platinum achievement, the truth is that when referring to the fact that they want to reward players for their way of playing, it is likely that something similar is being worked on.

So it remains to be seen if Microsoft will eventually include some sort of platinum achievement in future system updates.

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