A 400-page book with the history of PS Vita sweeps Kickstarter accumulating triple what it takes to finance itself in two days

A 400-page book with the history of PS Vita sweeps Kickstarter accumulating triple what it takes to finance itself in two days

User Sandeep Rai (who also has a YouTube channel) embarks on a grandiose project that pays tribute to PlayStation Vita: a book of more than 400 pages in full color.

Do you remember PS Vita? I sure do, because to date it is the latest portable console made by Sony, that decided to discontinue it in 2019. Almost all players agree that it was a very great console.

Unfortunately, it was not the expected success in sales. Sony came from sweeping sales with PSP, and decided to complement PS4 with PlayStation Vita … which finally only sold 16 million units.

There are several reasons for its failure. But there is no doubt that the gaming community loves the PS Vita. This has become clear with this Kickstarter initiative that is sweeping.

User Sandeep Rai has presented the project ”Vita Means Life”, a book of more than 400 pages in full color and hardcover. Your mission is to review all the history of PS Vita, with developer interviews, game tabs and much more.

The project started on November 24, with a set goal of 7,114 euros. After just two days, Vita Means Life has received a whopping 20,865 euros (at this time), with 399 sponsors.

There are still 28 days until the end of the campaign, but Vita Means Life will become a reality, because has tripled its funding goals… and what is still missing. The community loves PS Vita.

In the words of its creator, Sandeep rai, PS Vita is one of the consoles of your life. He started out in video games with the classic NES, but few have piqued his interest like the Sony laptop.

Vita Means Life is Sandeep Rai’s fourth book dedicated to the PlayStation Vita console, which will bring together all the data, interviews and anecdotes from the previous ones, adding a lot of new material.

The book is expected to have 400 pages, hardcover, premium presentation, full color A5 pages… Of course, tokens from all games released for PS Vita will also be included.

The Top titles by Sandeep Rai in Vita Means Life (West) are as follows:

Gravity rushGravity rush

  • Gravity rush
  • Uncharted: The Golden Abyss
  • Person 4 Golden
  • LittleBigPlanet Vita
  • Wipeout 2048
  • Freedom wars
  • Soul sacrifice
  • Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
  • The Ys series
  • SteamWorld Saga
  • Salt & Sanctuary
  • Shovel knight
  • Atelier Saga
  • Trails of Cold Steel 1 & 2

In the Kickstarter file, all the ins and outs of the project are detailed in greater depth. Vita Means Life will be edited by Adam Cartwright of VGChartz, and graphic design is in charge of Steve Novaković-Thone.

Sandeep Rai’s idea is to finish the PS Vita book to end of April 2022, so it will be published from the month of May. In addition, it will arrive in other formats.

Vita Means Life will also have two editions in digital format, and one of them will also include the physical edition. The author has also detailed a number of goals that he would like to achieve.

Among these goals, we find a PS Vita audiobook, an expanded version of the book, a pixel art edition, or even a special pocket edition with a custom cover.

If you are interested in the project of Vita Means Life, do not hesitate to donate to the project from this Kickstarter link. PS Vita well deserves its great tribute, and we are confident that this book will be more than worth it.

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