Yoppa, professional League Of Legends player, dies of COVID-19

Yoppa, professional League Of Legends player, dies of COVID-19

Pavle ‘Yoppa’ Kostić, a professional League of Legends player, has passed away. The former toplaner of Schalke 04 and Team Vitality has had complications from COVID.

Sad news within the world of eSports, League of Legends pro Yoppa has passed away. According to Balkan’s official Twitter account, his death was unexpected on November 23 due to complications from an infection of coronavirus.

Professional LoL player since 2016, Yoppa was recognized after his passage in MAD Lions, Vitality.Bee, and Schalke 04. The Serbian was like free agent since November 16, date you started looking for current opportunities.

His death, with so only 23 years old, has shocked the community. From players and teammates, to club owners and the press, many are showing their condolences to the family and on RRSS.

Among the responses that can be seen to this news is the owner of Team Vitality. Fabien ‘Neo’ Devide has had a devastating response. “My heart is broken. My deepest condolences to your loved ones at this time. We will miss him“.

Balkan’s own account also communicated with pain this new: “Today we say goodbye to Yoppa. Pavle “Yoppa” Kostić died unexpectedly yesterday due to complications caused by a COVID infection. Rest in peace brother“.

Others who have also expressed their condolences have been the old Shalke toplaner Sergen ‘Broken Blade’ Celik. Although the current jungle of Vitality Oskar ‘Selfmade’ Boderek has summed up what many think:

Nah, this can’t be real f ***“, and is that denial is the first of the emotions that a person goes through when they hear news like this.

James maccormack, couch of MAD Lions, has published a tweet quoted from Balkan where he said: “Tragic news for all of us at MAD and those who have met and played with Yoppa.

My heart goes out to his family and friends, I can’t even imagine the pain of losing someone at such a young age. Rest in peace“.

Finally, he sent a recommendation that everyone should already know more than enough: “Take good care of each other and stay safe“.

Own Team Vitality Twitter account He has also sent a message with great respect and affection. “Today we learned that our old League of Legends player, Yoppa, has passed away“.

We have many wonderful memories with you and our moments together in Berlin. You will always be engraved in our memory. Rest in peace Pavle“.

It is not yet clear what the complications arising from the coronavirus. Nor if the treatment received was not adequate in their circumstances.

But all that is in the background, the important thing now is respect their memory and privacy from family and friends.





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