This 15 meter CAT6 network cable is perfect to say goodbye to lag on your PS5 and Xbox Series X and costs less than 10 euros

This 15 meter CAT6 network cable is perfect to say goodbye to lag on your PS5 and Xbox Series X and costs less than 10 euros

Could your connection be more stable when you play with your next generation console? Well, with this network cable you will solve that problem once and for all.

IF you want to play your favorite titles to the fullest on your last generation console, you will need a decent connection so that the downloads are fast and the lag, nonexistent. This can be achieved in many ways, although the main one is to have a gaming router to match.

But it also helps that your console is connected to the network in the safest way possible. And for this, this CAT6 Ethernet network cable comes in handy, which will make you say goodbye to lag while you play once and for all. And its price? Less than 10 euros!

Take this CAT6 network cable for less than 10 euros

This network cable guarantees you an optimal and stable connectionas it combines superior performance with the highest quality of processing and materials. In fact, KabelDirect, the brand behind the product, puts each cable through multiple functional tests before it is packaged.

East network wire by CAT6 ensures a reliable and unmatched network connection with exceptionally high speeds of up to 1 Gbps, making it the ideal accessory for online gaming. It is ready for data transmission of up to 1,000 Mbit / s on computers, laptops, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and much more.

The cable connector is protected with a lever which ensures that the connector is not unintentionally disconnected and is protected against breakage. TIt also includes a protection against kinks flexible and mobile in all directions, yet stable.

The cable itself also boasts permanent elasticity, being flexible and with optimal mobility in all directions, which does not detract from its stability. In addition, it measures 15 meters, so it will not bother you at all when plugging it into your console.

Take advantage of the fact that this exceptional CAT6 network cable costs less than 10 euros on Amazon and say goodbye to lag once and for all. And remember: if you buy it with an account Amazon prime, you will receive it immediately at home thanks to fast shipping at no additional cost.

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