Sifu could receive difficulty modes after launch

Sifu could receive difficulty modes after launch

Sifu’s executive producer confirms that the game will not have difficulty modes, but it is a feature that could arrive in an update.

One of the most anticipated games of 2022 is Sifu, the definitive martial arts work for PS5, PS4 and PC. The title is being developed by the French Sloclap studio, authors of Absolver.

Lovers difficult games will have a new challenge in Sifu, with the particularity that we’ll grow old every time we’re defeated. Here you can read our preview of the game.

In an interview with MP1ST (via GameRant), the executive producer Pierre Tano Has revealed new details of the difficulty of Sifu. And without a doubt there is a fact that has surprised us a lot … and that will bring controversy.

Should Dark Souls or Returnal like games have an easy mode? It’s something David Jaffe, creator of God of War, was talking about a few weeks ago. Sifu has a great novelty in this aspect.

Sloclap’s Action Martial Arts Game It will NOT have difficulty modes. This implies that the game will have its own tiered difficulty, which will grow as we progress through it.

Tano himself assures that it is possible to complete Sifu without dying even once. It’s a tough game, but Dark Souls or Sekiro experts can certainly pull off this feat if they’re skilled enough.


In Sifu we will have more opportunities even if we fall in combat. Each death will age our protagonist, while our health will decline. When the character is very very old, the game will have to be started again.

However, at Sloclap they are not averse to feedback. Sifu’s executive producer assures that will take into account the opinions of the players… and that changes could come in this aspect.

Sifu could receive additional difficulty modes after launch. It will depend on the opinions of the players, but without a doubt the French study has not closed the door to new updates.

Until that happens (if it happens, of course), in Sifu we will have to follow the method of ”trial and error. Learning as we fall in combat will be the key, until we master each mechanic, combo or enemy.

Sifu will hit stores on February 22, 2022, available at PS5, PS4 and PC. We could be facing the definitive martial arts game, and it is without a doubt one of the most interesting PlayStation exclusives (on consoles) of next year.

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