Pokémon Unite will receive Dragonite as a new character shortly, according to a leak

Pokémon Unite will receive Dragonite as a new character shortly, according to a leak

Pokémon Unite could announce its new member shortly. Dragonite, the mythical dragon-type pokémon, would be the new addition to the MOBA, according to a new leak.

Pokémon Unite It offered at its launch a scarce pokémon roster compared to the extensive pokedex that exists, but quite complete and full of gameplay options.

Given that the free to play title is an online game based on the model as a service, it is not surprising that its creators (TiMi Studio) add more characters as the weeks go by.

We have already had a few additions of pests such as Blastoise, the Decidueye filter and many others. Now, it seems that already who will be the new character has been leaked and is one well known to veteran fans of the saga.

Dragonite would be the next addition to Pokémon Unite. The data mining in the game files has revealed some of the details of this new pokémon.

Twitter user ElChicoEevee shared a picture of the pokemon and revealed its role and main stats. Dragonite will be an all-rounder and will stand out for being extremely versatile in combat.

In its statistics, average values ​​stand out in all its sections except for the attack that is slightly higher and speed, which is its weak point. At the moment more additional data is unknown.

It will be time to wait for the official confirmation and thus be able to know when it will arrive or what its movements will be in the sand.

We remember that Pokémon Unite is available for free on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices and that is already in its second season.

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