Pokémon Shiny Pearl and Shiny Diamond: how to hatch eggs fast

Pokémon Shiny Pearl and Shiny Diamond: how to hatch eggs fast

With these tricks for Pokémon Shiny Pearl and Shiny Diamond on Nintendo Switch you can hatch the eggs faster, using fewer steps.

The fourth generation Pokémon on Nintendo DS returning on Nintendo Switch with Pokémon remakes Bright diamond and Shimmering Pearl. The game includes the classic Pokémon egg mechanics, with which we can obtain more creatures, including some that can only be obtained in this way, such as Riolu.

Some NPCs will give you items, but the most common way to obtain eggs is by using the Quiet Town Nursery. If you leave two compatible male and female Pokémon there, you may get a Pokémon egg.

Pokémon Shiny Pearl and Shiny Diamond: how to hatch eggs fast

To hatch Pokémon eggs you have to walk. There are no incubators here like in Pokémon G: you will have to carry the equipped egg and travel long distances on foot or by bike in Sinnoh.
Some, like Piplup, require more than 5,000 steps to hatch. But luckily there are some tricks to hatching eggs faster. The most direct is to search very long paths that allow you to travel them by bike quickly to add steps. Of course, complete all the battles against trainers first so that they do not interrupt you. Two good sites are:

  • The bridge over Route 206, between Route 207 and Ciudad Vetusta
  • The road to Pueblo Sosiego

However, a more sophisticated trick is to bring in your team a Pokémon that has the ability Flame Body or Magma Shield. This ability, outside of combat, allows the eggs to hatch more quickly, reducing the number of steps required.
The Pokémon that have Flame Body are Magmar, Magmortar, Slugma, Magcargo; and as a hidden ability they have it too Ponyta, Rapidsash and Camerupt. To use it, simply have one of these Pokémon on your team with the egg equipped.

Here we leave you the analysis of Pokémon Shiny Diamond and Shining Pearl on Nintendo Switch, a remake specially designed to activate the nostalgia of those who played the original Nintendo DS (Switch mainstream audience today).

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