Nintendo Switch overtakes PS2 in total sales in Japan and is there the fourth best-selling console in history

Nintendo Switch overtakes PS2 in total sales in Japan and is there the fourth best-selling console in history

Nintendo Switch has sold 22 million consoles in Japan, surpassing the PS2 in total sales and becoming the fourth best-selling console in history.

Pokémon is foolproof, and while the recent Pokémon Shimmering Pearl and Shiny Diamond are perhaps the most continuous Pokémon remakes we’ve had, they flew off the shelves at launch weekend in Japan.

This morning we learned that Shimmering Pearl and Brilliant Diamond had sold 1.39 million physical units at their Japanese launch, the second-best release in Switch history (only behind Animal Crossing New Horizons).

The Pokémon effect has been noticed in hardware sales, and that week sales of Nintendo Switch consoles in Japan doubled. Were sold 168,000 consoles, compared to 87,000 the week before. That brought total console sales to 22 million … surpassing Playstation 2.

In the full weekly sales data (between November 15 and 21, 2021) of the Japanese magazine Famitsu (via Gematsu) we see that the total sales of Nintendo Switch in Japan are of 22.0030.000.

This places it as the fourth best-selling console in history in that country. Exceeds PS2 that sold 21.98 million (which in world figures is the best-selling in history, with 155 million consoles).

Globally, Switch is far from reaching it, as the latest official data speaks of 92.87 million units to date.

Returning to the Japanese market, Switch only has ahead of Nintendo 3DS (which sold 24.57 million), to Game boy (32.47 million) already Nintendo ds (32.99 million). That it will catch up with 3DS is a guarantee; Whether it reaches DS and Game Boy … will depend on Nintendo’s plans with the Switch 2.

This week, Nintendo Switch console sales correspond 95% of the market. 68 thousand OLED Switches, 60 thousand normal Switches and 38 thousand Lite Switches were sold, while PS5 barely sold 4,134 consoles, a sign that the stock is still far from recovering.

Also, although Battlefield 2042 entered as the third best-selling game of the week, its initial sales (in physical format) have been one of the lowest in the franchise, although slightly better than Call of Duty Vanguard.

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