More than 7.6 tons of fake Pokémon cards seized by Chinese authorities

More than 7.6 tons of fake Pokémon cards seized by Chinese authorities

More than seven tons of fake Pokémon cards have been seized by Chinese authorities. The 400,000 envelopes were going direct to Europe.

Pokémon cards are one of the most popular products in the franchise Pocket monsters and unleash madness across the planet.

However, they present something that affects many popular products of this type: the fakes. Pokémon’s counterfeit card business is huge and proof of this has been the latest shipment requisitioned from China.

As reported by Pokeguardian (via Kotaku), a customs control that has taken place in the Chinese province of Qingdao has allowed seize 7.6 tons of fake Pokémon cards.

The pirated material has been discovered after the suspicions of several workers were confirmed by viewing a customs declaration that listed unbranded export products in boxes and pallets.

Total, about 400,000 envelopes with these fakes of the export company Qingdao Import and Export Co., Ltd were discovered and seized. Performing this type of shipping actions in China is a violation of the laws, since Pokémon is a registered trademark.

The destination of the shipment was the Netherlands where they were intended to be sold as real letters and, curiously, many of the envelopes were in Spanish and were part of the collection of Pokémon Sword and Shield.

This operation is one of the largest in the market for Pokémon cards, according to Yicai Global, although it is very possible that it will not be the last.

Over time, fake Pokémon cards have been expanding and improving in terms of quality. Although there are some tricks to distinguish them from the real ones, their fidelity surprises more and more.

As we said, these unleash the madness among the fans and if they do not tell this businessman facing 20 years in prison for spending $ 57,000 of a Covid loan on a Pokémon letter.

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