Halo Infinite will receive new weapons for multiplayer in the future

Halo Infinite shows a new trailer for its campaign and confirms its multiplayer as free to play with a video preview

Creative Director Joseph Staten confirms new weapons and cosmetics are coming for Halo Infinite multiplayer. The idea is to update them with each season.

There is less and less left to enjoy the Halo Infinite campaign mode, which will be available at Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC and Game Pass the next December 8.

On that date there will also be the transition to the final version of the multiplayer … although since November 15, its beta version can be played for free. You do not need to be a subscriber to Xbox Live Gold.

A few hours ago we learned that important changes are coming for Halo Infinite. Some of these will correct errors and aspects for improvement (like the progression system).

Others will focus on nurturing the multiplayer mode with more content. And it is that the creative director of 343 Industries, Joseph Staten, has confirmed In an interview that new weapons will arrive to the game.

As you can imagine, he has not gone into details ”If I told you, they wouldn’t be secret now, right?”, although it has given some brushstrokes. Halo Infinite you will receive new weapons in the second and subsequent seasons, but also in its current moment.

Remember that season 1 (focused on the origin of the Spartan) will last about six months, but you will receive updates with new weapons, events and cosmetics. Some of these will be paid (exclusive to the battle pass).

Staten confirms that more weapons will come to the title, but also variants of the existing ones. Obviously, this encompasses the different factions (UNSC, Covenant, Banished) and characters.

Halo Infinite

Some of the most popular current weapons in Halo Infinite are the UNSC sniper rifle or the SPNKR rocket launcher. Fans speculate that weapons and variants of previous Halo installments.

For example, some wishes of the community are the Magnum (which we first enjoyed in Halo: Combat Evolved) or the Covenant carbine, one of the insignia of the mythical Halo 2.

Some leaked images from the campaign mode even suggest that there are different types of Cindershot, and multiplayer could welcome all of them. Of course, it is not confirmed.

The plan is that these new weapons will arrive via update, both in the current season and in the following ones. It is not known whether some of them will be exclusive to the battle pass or some DLC.

Halo Infinite will hit stores next December 8, available in Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Windows, Steam, and Xbox Game Pass. Here you can read our preview of the campaign mode … which is aiming very, very high.

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