Get almost € 10 free when you top up your credit for PlayStation with this Eneba Black Friday offer

Get almost € 10 free when you top up your credit for PlayStation with this Eneba Black Friday offer

Like every year on Black Friday, there is a good opportunity to recharge your PlayStation account, saving a significant amount.

If you have a PlayStation 4 or a PS5, we have good news, and that is that there is a considerable reduction in prepaid cards to recharge balance in its Store, only not officially but through Eneba, an online store that you surely know.

The offer is as follows: you can buy a card to recharge € 50 on PSN Spain for only € 41.16. If you do the math, you will see that you get about 9 euros totally free, the difference between what you pay and what you get.

Top-up € 50 of PSN for only € 41

You can buy this prepaid card here, which is virtual and will arrive to your email in the form of a code just a few seconds after confirming the purchase, a real luxury.

Said code you must redeem it in the coupons section of the PlayStation Store to add the balance to your account.

Obviously, if instead of buying a € 50 credit recharge you buy more than one, the savings are much greater. For example, if you want € 200 to recharge, you end up saving an amount of € 36.

If you buy a lot of digital games in the PlayStation Store, this offer is good for you, since in the end you will always end up spending throughout the year the balance you accumulate in the Black Friday offers.

Another perspective that can be given is that With the balance you add you can renew your PS Plus subscription somewhat cheaper, since the 39.99 euros it costs practically translates into 30 real euros.

The offers that Sony has placed in November in its Store are quite good, so it is a good time to take advantage of this trick and recharge your balance to end up buying some of those games at prices even lower than those announced, and with hardly any waiting to be able to redeem your code.

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