Fire in Super Nintendo World: the theme park closes its doors after a fire is detected in Yoshi’s attraction

Fire in Super Nintendo World: the theme park closes its doors after a fire is detected in Yoshi's attraction

Super Nintendo World has been forced to temporarily shut down due to a fire detected at Yoshi’s attraction. There have been no injuries to regret.

Super nintendo world He is once again the protagonist of a scare that, fortunately, has not turned into a tragedy. The amusement park inspired by Super Mario and Nintendo has had to close its doors temporarily.

A fire at Yoshi’s attraction set off alarms inside the park on November 23, which has made Super Nintendo World closed its doors for a day to assess the situation.

As reported FNNAt the time the park closed, an employee detected a fire in the Yoshi attraction, at which point the Japanese authorities came to remedy the problem after a call from the park to the emergency services.

Due to the official investigation that has been released, the park has been closed until now. Fortunately, there were no injuries, as there were no other visitors in the park at the time of the fire.

Universal Studios revealed that the park will reopen its doors today, albeit without the Yoshi attraction operative. Was Mario able to do his thing when he caught the flower? Has Yoshi gone on the spicy diet?

The park is one of the biggest attractions in the area and this type of complex abounds within the Japanese country.

Be careful because this is not the first problem that this theme park faces. A few months ago we learned that the Goomba tower in the park had collapsed. This also had to close due to the increase in Covid-19 cases in the area.

On the other hand, we remind you that Nintendo has already announced the first expansion of Super Nintendo World, dedicated to Donkey Kong, for 2024. Would you like to visit the park?

Source: Nintendo Life

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