Buying a PS5 on Black Friday: This is all you need to know to do it

Buying a PS5 on Black Friday: This is all you need to know to do it

Black Friday may be one of your best opportunities to get hold of the new Sony console. We tell you everything you need to know about buying a PS5 on Black Friday 2021.

You know it very well: getting a PS5 since it was launched has been a complicated task. Not impossible, but complicated. The lack of components such as chips and the distribution problems derived from the pandemic still continue to drag the market and with it the PS5 offer and there are not so many consoles to meet that demand.

And as if that were not enough, the Black friday and the PS5 becomes the hottest item on wish lists. Is it possible to buy a PS5 on Black Friday? And if so, how to do it? Where to buy? Who do you go to?

The good news is that some European countries are taking steps to support the surge in demand for Sony’s console, so new units should go on sale despite a shortage of microchips.

So, for you to succeed in your mission and get (finally) your longed-for PS5, we are going to leave you with a list of shopping tips and tricks for this Black Friday that, we hope, comes dressed in white with the new console. Sony. We tell you how to buy a PS5 on Black Friday: this is all you need to know to do it.

Buy a PS5 on Black Friday at Amazon

PS5 PlayStation 5

Amazon should be the first page you visit to make sure there is stock of PS5, as it is one of the first stores that update the status of the console when new units go on sale.

To know when there is stock of PS5 digital or PS5 with reader on Amazon and be able to buy yours, these are the tips you have to follow:

  • Create a amazon account and keep the session logged in. Thus, when buying the process will be much more fluid.
  • Activate the “Buy Now” option, adding your shipping address and your favorite payment method. Thus, when you see it, you will only have to press a button.
  • Get familiar with the different bundles to know which one to go to. Amazon sells different packs of the console, some with more accessories than others. The bundles more loaded are usually the easiest to get; For their part, those that only have the console are usually the most difficult.
  • Add the console to your basket to receive a notification of when it is available. When they notify you, click on the first package you choose as quickly as possible to enter the queue. If you get an error when paying, try another bundle.

Regarding the bundles, it is a measure to discourage purchases by speculators by making the purchase less profitable with games in packs that are not allowed to be resold through official channels.

We leave them here so you just have to do click and choose your favorite (or the one that comes out first). Here are some of the bundles you can find of the PS5 on Black Friday on Amazon:

Buy a PS5 on Black Friday at PcComponentes

PcComponentes is another of the key pages to find a PS5 at this time. And not only that, but also is one of the most reliable and, together with Amazon, includes free shipping in your orders so that you pay only for the console.

You can subscribe to the PcComponentes newsletter, as well as add to your shopping cart or favorite products a New PS5 or reconditioned to know when new units go on sale.

Buy a PS5 on Black Friday at Mediamarkt

Mediamarkt is possibly the store where the most has been seen sony console in the last few months, either its digital version or with a reader, even in lots that include accessories and games. We are talking about the Mediamarkt website, of course, which is your best asset to get a PS5 in this store.

We recommend you subscribe to the newsletter from Mediamarkt, as well as adding the console to your favorite products. And of course, don’t forget to pay attention to possible offers in physical Mediamarkt stores in different parts of Spain. Maybe one will catch you close!

Buy a PS5 on Black Friday at Fnac

Although Fnac has not launched new units of the Sony console for a while, it did boast of launching a bundle after another, so you might expect there to be PS5 stock coming soon.

With Fnac, your safe bet is on their bundles, since this store usually launches the console with different additions (which, look, better to release it in a big way). These are the bundles that you can find for PS5 in Fnac:

Remember: familiarize yourself with the different bundles to know which one to go to, and do not forget that those more loaded or with less desired accessories are easier to get than those that only have the console.

And an additional tip: follow @Fnac_Gamers on Twitter and activate the bell so that your mobile will send you a notification every time they write a tweet. This way you will know when they receive new units from the console!

Buy a PS5 on Black Friday at El Corte Inglés

Although it is not the store that has released the most units, you may find PS5 stock at El Corte Inglés during Black Friday. Who knows? Total, you don’t already have it! So it is worth strolling through the website of this commercial giant and try your luck.

The English Court is that also offers you the possibility to add the Sony console to your favorite products so that the store itself will notify you when it is available again in stock, either to buy or to reserve.

Tips for buying a PS5 on Black Friday

This buying guide doesn’t stop here; We want you to get a PS5 this Black Friday and enjoy an early Christmas, so we are going to give you some more tips to help you succeed in your mission to get the new Sony console.

Here are the best tips you can follow to guarantee yourself a PS5 on Black Friday if new units go on sale:

  • Don’t run too much. Checking out too quickly will give you a wait time at most stores. Do not rush; If this happens, wait a bit and try again.
  • Create an account in the different online stores and keep your session logged in, or log in to make the purchase.
  • Use multiple devices whenever possible, especially on the subject of cookies: desktop computer, laptop, tablet, mobile … Everything helps!
  • Use specific applications. If the reseller has a specific app, download it and use it to purchase a PS5.
  • Sign up for seller’s stock alerts whenever possible, and add the console to your favorite products or leave it in your basket to receive alerts.
  • If you have to buy a pack with games, you buy. You have already seen that the PS5 is usually seen in various stores and accompanied by accessories and games, so it is very likely that you have to resort to these bundles with additional games or accessories buy the PS5 on Black Friday. So, if you see that your PS5 goes on sale in a bundle and you can afford it, don’t hesitate!
  • Follow stock check websites and accounts, Like our Telegram channel!

In our Telegram we publish all kinds of news, offers and bargains related to technology, entertainment and video games. And of course, we keep an eye on the stock of PS5 and when the console appears, we do our best to let you know as soon as possible and so you can get yours.

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